The ALF–CMW102 is a full HD web camera equipped with a 120˚ wide-angle lens, which comes with two 2.4GHz wireless speakerphones. This Video Conference system is suitable for small to medium-sized conferences as well as personal business and family solutions.

The ALF-CMW102 is compatible with video meeting software, such as Teams, GoToWebinar, and Zoom. The 1080P HD camera is equipped for high-quality video streams and high definition real-time synchronization. The 2.4GHz wireless speakerphone has got up to a 3m pickup range.

Product  Features

  • The Speaker Microphones work on a mix-minus system: When one microphone is active, it mutes the speaker on that unit and the microphone on the second unit. This eliminates any feedback that would normally occur when using two microphones.
  • It has a mechanically adjustable lens which can be adjusted vertically from -30 to 30 degrees and horizontally from -150 to 150 degrees. This enables flexible angle adjustments.
  • The Microphone has a 360-degree pickup with 256ms acoustic echo cancellation. Full duplex with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR).
  • Plug and Play. No need for any drivers.
  • Supplied with Two Speakerphones.
  • Can be mounted to the top of a display with the included bracket or 1/4 mounting hole at the bottom of the bracket.