The ALF-CAM100 is an full HD Camera equipped with a 120˚ wide range shooting angle.

Product Features

  • Mechanically adjustable lens; the lens can be adjusted vertically from -30 to 30 degrees and horizontally from -150 to 150 degrees. This enables flexible angle adjustments
  • 1080p HD Camera with 120˚ Wide Range Shooting Angle
  • Easy Operation as the web camera is plug and play
  • Can be mounted to the top of a display with the included bracket or 1/4 mounting hole at the bottom of the bracket.




Specification Description
Dimension 104* 139* 124mm
Net weight 500g
Color Black
Interface USB 2.0
Cable Length 2m
Lens 1/2.8, fixed focus, 120 degree Angle
Sensor Full HD CMOS sensor
Video 1920 * 1080
Image transmission speed Up to 30FPS
Aperture coefficient F2.0
Focus distance 30~300CM (Better distance)
Computer system Windows ® 7, 10 / Mac OS X 8.1 or 10.7 or higher operating system, etc
Recommended conditions Humidity: 20 ~ 85%

Condensation free Noise level: <48dB

Storage temperature:-10°~ 55°

Reverberation time: <0.5 seconds

Certification CE/FCC

Hi-Res Image Here


1. Q – Is the camera remote controllable?
    A – No, it is not, the lens can be physically adjusted vertically and horizontally.

2. Q – What is the output resolution on the camera?
    A – Full HD – 1920 x 1080p

3. Q – What is the ideal seated space from the camera?
    A – The object distance should be no more than 3m away.

4. Q – Can the unit be mounted upside down?
    A – Yes, the camera will automatically detect its orientation.

5. Q – What is the camera angle?
    A – 120 degrees.