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The ALF-60W-UB Compact Mixer amplifier (Class-D) has a built-in Media player with Bluetooth, onboard tuner, and MP3 player. Front panel microphone input with priority function, rear panel balanced microphone input with phantom power. Emergency input function. Dual RCA line inputs and RCA aux out. 60W at 70/100V and 4 - 16 ohms, 24V backup power input.

Product Features

  • Speaker Output of 100V or 70V and 4 -16 ohms rated power output of 60W
  • USB, FM Radio, and Bluetooth with remote control
  • 2 x MIC inputs, 1 x EMC input, 2 x Line inputs, and 1 x Line output
  • Individual Volume control for Mic 1 - 2, Aux 1 - 2,  bass, treble, and master volume control
  • Supports both AC100-240V and 24V power Supply
  • Priority: EMC > MIC1 > Others
  • LED indicators for power, clip, protect, and signal
  • With Short-Circuit, clip, overload, and high temperature protection
  • Ideal for small venues such as Classrooms, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs etc.
  • Class-D


Description  PA Amplifier with USB/SD & FM & Bluetooth 
Rated power  60W 
Speaker Outputs  100V or 70V & 4Ohms-8 Ohms-16 Ohms 


Mic1 input by unbalance jack MIC 2 balance XLR socket 

Line1-2 inputs by RCA; Line output by RCA 

Attenuation  Microphone1-2, line1-2 and Mp3/FM, bass/treble and master 
MIC1 input sensitivity  5mV 
MIC2 input sensitivity  5mV 
MIC3 input sensitivity  5mV 
AUX1 input sensitivity  350mV 
AUX2 input sensitivity  350mV 
EMC input sensitivity  350mV 
MIC frequency response  180Hz10kHz±3dB 
AUX frequency response  70Hz16kHz±3dB 
Noise  <5mV (4 ohm load output terminal) 
THD  <1%1KHz 
Protection  Short-circuit, clip, overload and high temp protection 
Treble adjustment  10dB±2 
Bass adjustment  10dB±2 
Rated power Supply  AC~110-220V 
Rated output voltage  60W/4Ω, AC220V 
Priority  EMC > MIC1 > others 
Machine size(L×W×H)  247*198*66mm 
Packing size  343*302*121mm (1PS) 
Maximum packing size  630*355*283mm (4PS) 
Net Weight  2.6kg 
Gross Weight  3.25Kg 


1.Q – How many inputs does the 60W-UB support?

   A – 5. 2 x microphone, 2 x RCA and EMC. Also, Bluetooth, a USB input for music files as well as FM capability

2.Q – Can I use this amplifier with a 100v system?

   A – Yes, the amplifier supports both 70v / 100v and 4 – 16 ohm

3. Q – What is the output of the amplifier?

    A –  60 watts

4. Q – How do I control the amplifier?

     A – It is controllable via IR remote control and the front panel volume knobs

5. Q – Does the amplifier support phantom power for condenser microphones?

    A – Yes, there is a selectable switch by the MIC2 input