The ALF-TRUK100-RS is an HDBaseT wall plate extender kits for video (Max 4K@60 4:4;4), audio, USB2.0, RS232 control signal and Ethernet over distances max up to 100m.t includes USB2.0 and USB-C host interfaces, plus a USB2.0 interface for a peripheral devices such as speakerphone, video camera, microphone, or keyboard and mouse with the charging function. The transmitter features a US one-gang, wall plate form factor, and includes one white faceplate


  • Extend USB-C, 0 & USB2.0 signal over HDBT2.0
  • HDMI 0, 18G, 4K@60 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2 and backward compatible
  • Transmission distance at 4K@60 4:4:4 Max up to100m ( CAT6 STP cable)
  • 0 bandwidth rate max up to 480M/bps
  • USB-C supports 4K@60 4:2:0
  • USB-C charging port, Max supports 100 W PD, to charge the connected PC
  • HDMI In on Rx for BYOD devices and with Auto-sw control
  • De-embedded audio (analog and optical) at Rx
  • RS232 pass through from Tx to Rx
  • Supports Auto SW and manual mode via button
  • Support 48v PoC function (only from Rx to Tx)
  • EDID & HDCP management on Dip switch
  • Support 3D, HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Ethernet port for USB-C or USB-B Ethernet usage and support Ethernet ON/OFF control
  • US one-gang enclosure for Decora-style at Tx
  • Ventilation holes for heat dissipations at transmitter back
  • Standard ALFATRON RS232 code format


Front Panel
No. Name & Description Remark
1 USB-C Port Connect to USB-C source
2 HDMI Port Connect to HDMI source
3 USB-B Host Connect to PC USB host
4 USB-C Port Connect to extra USB-C Charger, then to charge the connected device
5 USB-A Port Connect to USB devices, with 5V, 1A
6 Power LED Indicator The LED indicator will illuminate in green when the product is powered on, and red when the product is on standby
7 USB-C & HDMI LED Indicator 1: When USB-C input is selected, the LED will illuminate green 2: When HDMI input is selected, the LED will illuminate green
8 Backlit Button 1: On manual mode, press to choose HDMI or USB-C for input source

2: Press 3 seconds, enter into the Auto-sw mode or back to manual switch mode 3: Press for 10 seconds, for factory reset

9 HDBaseT Output Port Connect to Receiver’s HDBaseT input port via a Cat6 STP cable
10 RS232 Port 1: Connect to receiver’s RS232 port, for RS232 pass through transmit 2: Control the transmitter’s sources selection