The ALF-IPK1HE is a networked AV over IP encoder adopting the latest H.265 compression technology with resolutions up to 4K at 30Hz. The encoder can be configured in an IP video matrix or video wall setup using the VDirector mobile app (IOS). Supports high-efficiency H.264/265 video codec with MPEG4-AAC and LPCM stereo audio. Built-in scaler for fast and seamless switching. RS-232 throughput supported to decoder.

INPUT: 1 x HDMI, 1 x RS-232. OUTPUT: 1 x LAN (PoE), 1 x Line out.

Must be used with Gigabit network switches and CAT6 Shielded cables are recommended.

Product Features

  • Works easily with an Ethernet switch, no need to configure; real plug and play solution
  • Supports high-efficiency H.264/265 video codec, HDMI 1.4, HDCP 2.2
  • Supports MPEG4-AAC and LPCM stereo audio
  • Effortless preview management: drag-and-drop sources to the desired displays for visual control
  • Easy to build an IP matrix or a video wall
  • The decoder has a built-in scaler to achieve fast and seamless switching
  • The RS232 route follows the switching of video source

Start-up procedure when using POE

Firstly, connect the CAT6 cable from the POE switch to the AV over IP Encoder.

Secondly, connect the HDMI cable.


Video Encoder  
Input Port 1 x HDMI
Input Resolutions up to 4K@30Hz
Output Port 1 x LAN
Output Resolutions up to 1080P@60Hz
Video Protocol H.265 Video Compression


Audio Encoder
Input Port 1 x HDMI
Output Port 1 x LAN, 1 x Line Out
Audio Format MPEG4-AAC and LPCM Stereo


Operating Temperature +32°F ~ +113°F (0°C ~ +45°C)

10% ~ 90%, non-condensing

Storage Temperature -4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ +70°C)

10% ~ 90%, non-condensing

Power Supply DC12V 1A /PoE
Power Consumption Encoder: 5W (Max)
ESD Protection Human body model:

Ÿ  ±8kV (air-gap discharge)

Ÿ  ±4kV (contact discharge)

Product Dimension (W x H  x D) 175mm x 25mm x 100.2mm/ 6.9” x 0.98” x 3.9” each for encoder
Net Weight 0.60kg/1.32lbs each for TX


User Manual



Can the app run on an IOS and Android devices? Yes, the VDirector app is available for IOS and Android on the app stores.


Control API Telnet Port number


This uses a Telnet session on port 24 that communicates to each receiver. This means that you would need a “control processor” that has a changeable port number because Telnet is usually port 23. It would not be an issue for most control processors but maybe not on all the DSP’s.


Video wall Limitations


The limit on the app is an 8×8 video wall. Unfortunately, you can’t easily change from a video wall back to single decoders or Picture-in-picture. Once you create the video wall, the decoders that form part of the wall will disappear from the list and be replaced by a single video wall. This can be deleted and broken up to single displays and rebuilt but this is not a preset that can just be recalled.

It is possible to do a 2×1 videowall but, it does affect the aspect ratio.


Network switch recommendations


The ALF-IP2HE and IP2HD use unicast where most AV over IP devices use Multicast. Because these units do not use multicast you don’t require a managed switch or IGMP.


We recommend a 1G POE switch and unmanaged switches works well for standalone system but also works with managed switches. If it is on a corporate network, we would suggest using a VLAN to avoid issues.

Each stream has an average bandwidth of 5Mbps and a peak of 20Mbps. Because it uses unicast, each decoder counts as a stream and a maximum of 50 decoders can stream from a single encoder to adhere to the 20Mbps stream peak (20Mb/s x 50 streams = ±1Gbps)

To avoid bottlenecks, especially in a system with flexible routing, a 10G link between switches would be best practice.

For POE requirements, max consumption is 5/6W each but like with amplifiers and speakers, a bit of headroom (20%) would be best practice.




The latency from HDMI input to HDMI output is around 200ms.


Compression algorithms


The encoders use H.265 instead of H.264 and is a significant improvement on compression.
Size of matrix limit


50 Decoders receiving the same stream from a single encoder is a safe limit. There is no limit on the number of encoders in a system.


What is the ALF-IP2HE?


It is a network AV over IP encoder which works with the ALF-IP2HD.


How do I configure the ALF-IP2HE on the network?


There is no need for configuration, “plug and play” through network switch.


How do I set up the encoder to display on the video wall?


Through the VDirector app.


How many encoders can I use on the switch?


No more than 50 decoders to an Encoder.


Is RS232 supported?


Yes, RS232 and audio routing will always follow the video route.