The ALF-IP2HE is a networked AV over IP encoder adopting the latest H.265 compression technology with resolutions up to 1080p at 60Hz. The encoder can be configured in an IP video matrix or video wall setup using the VDirector mobile app (IOS). Supports high-efficiency H.264/265 video codec with MPEG4-AAC and LPCM stereo audio. Built-in scaler for fast and seamless switching. RS-232 throughput supported to decoder.

INPUT: 1 x HDMI, 1 x RS-232. OUTPUT: 1 x LAN (PoE), 1 x Line out.

Must be used with Gigabit network switches and CAT6 Shielded cables are recommended.

Product Features

  • Works easily with an Ethernet switch, no need to configure; real plug and play solution
  • Supports high-efficiency H.264/265 video codec, HDCP 1.4
  • Supports MPEG4-AAC and LPCM stereo audio
  • Effortless preview management: drag-and-drop sources to the desired displays for visual control
  • Easy to build an IP matrix or a video wall
  • The decoder has a built-in scaler to achieve fast and seamless switching
  • The RS232 route follows the switching of video source

Start-up procedure when using POE

Firstly, connect the CAT6 cable from the POE switch to the AV over IP Encoder.

Secondly, connect the HDMI cable.